Alas, though some wish it were otherwise, society has still not learned how to think as an individual, when is the right time to trust authority, how to use technology, and to look toward what humanity is bound for – lots of gadgets and government. No matter how often people tell themselves that they are “unique” and that they think for themselves, society has come to the point where no one can help but become sucked into the majority. That goes along with the horrid, imperceptive confidence in jurisdiction fueled by personal fear. Sadly, nobody thinks twice that maybe the government is to fear instead, so they take comfort in what they are told and leave it at that. And speaking of benighted belief, people also trust their machines more than they should, without realizing what that could lead to. It will lead to the machines moving above the people, controlling them. People will be so dependent on technology to the point where it is life or death. So, who can remember how this got started? Will it ever end?